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Re: Accounting for -rpath when libtool isn't helping

From: Thomas Jahns
Subject: Re: Accounting for -rpath when libtool isn't helping
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2019 15:20:32 +0100
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Hello Paul,

On 2/6/19 2:21 PM, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans wrote:
Nowthen - my actual question concerns what happens when I am not using
libtool to build my program. Such a case is common when building
C-level integration libraries for dynamic languages (Perl in my case).
I can't get libtool to directly build the code in question, because
Perl has its own build tooling. I can ask pkg-config what it thinks of
the --cflags and --libs to link against the library, but without
getting libtool involved in the magic step above, I don't get the
-rpath argument added.

Have you tried setting something like

CC='libtool cc'
CFLAGS='--mode=compile -some -other -flags -youd -use'
LDFLAGS='--mode=link -some -further -link -flags'


Regards, Thomas
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