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Re: [Masterlibre-list] subjects for the master

From: Jesus M.
Subject: Re: [Masterlibre-list] subjects for the master
Date: 12 Feb 2004 00:28:27 +0100

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 11:07, Jaime E. Villate wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 03:24:51PM +0100, Manuel Carro wrote:
> > 
> >     I have doubts about some particular data:
> > 
> >     * Some fields have what I think is a "default value":
> > 
> >         + <Tipo></Tipo> is left empty in all the subjects; shouldn't
> >         it be TRO (from TRONCAL == mandatory)?  We are dealing with
> >         the core subjects now.
> You're right (I've translated Tipo as Type). According to the Schema, that
> field is mandatory. The choices are: TRO, OBL, OPT, OPE or LIB
> Do you know what those mean?

I guess this is not that relevant for us. Keep in mind that the XML
Schema is built to accomodate mainly undergraduate subjects according to
Spanish cases. For our purposes, I guess that having just "mandatory"
(or is "compulsory" a better term for that?) and "elective" (as Janis
pointed out) is enough.
> >         + <Nivel></Nivel> is the level at which the courses belong; it
> >         is set at "POS" (i.e., postgraduate).  It is possible that
> >         this is the right level, but it is still not clear to me: does
> >         this mark the degree students have, or the degree students pursue?
> Since one of the choices is "DOC" (Doctoral Degree) I guess this is
> the degree the student will be granted at the end. In that case, it should
> definitely be POS (other choices are GRA, GOS or DOC).

Yes, indeed.

> I've translated "Nivel" as "Level" in the English version. Should we also
> translate the options? that can be done by the XSL stylesheet.

For our purpose, having "POS" translated is enough ;-)

> >         + <Prerrequisito> is set to "None" in all of the descriptions.  
> That's an optional element. Instead of "None", I would delete it completely
> when there are no specific previous requirements for the course.




> Jaime
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