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[Masterlibre-list] Introducing myself...

From: Görkem Çetin
Subject: [Masterlibre-list] Introducing myself...
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 18:42:25 +0000
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I'm a PhD candidate with 10+ years of Linux experience. I've given various courses, prepared course content, prerequisite analysis, assignments, various materials and syllabus about a wide variety of F/OSS subjects.

Here are a few:

* CSE 2702 Free software philosophy and use (Bahcesehir University, 2002-2003 Spring semester) * COMP 221 Linux and disk management (Bahcesehir University, 2002-2003 Fall semester) * CSE 5501 Computer network organization (Bahcesehir University, 2003-2004 Spring semester) - (fully related to Linux networking) * BIM 541 Operating systems, Linux and applications (Halic University, 2004-2005 Fall semester - continuing)

An EU-funded project (TOSSAD - towards open source software adoption and dissemination) will start in February and has a workpackage related to F/OSS education in universities. The main goal of this workpackage is to evaluate the educational needs of industry to enhance the qualifications in F/OSS, as well as to develop, revise and enhance adaptive and flexible F/OSS training standards and curriculum.

The project's web page is not set up yet.

Best wishes and good luck with your p

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