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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Problems with "make printable"

From: antoine . drouin
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Problems with "make printable"
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 10:40:34 +0200
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Hi Steve

Selon Steve Turner <address@hidden>:

>    I am having a little problem with the makefile under the hw
> directory. Using make all seems to generate all the gerber stuff fine,
> but none of the printable stuff. I am able to get a printable ps file by
> doing it manually, but this is a little time consuming. I have not
> really every messed around too much with Makefiles so am unsure about
> the problem. I am running Fedora 2. Here is the error I am getting.
> address@hidden hw]# make printable
> make: *** No rule to make target
> `flight_controller/printable/',
> needed by `schematics'.  Stop.

This is my fault. The makefile is looking for v1.2.1, wich is a minor evolution
of v1.2.0 (some connectors added, one little bug fixed). I have not tested
v1.2.1 yet but want to order protos next week.
I fix the makefile when i get home tonight.

>    I have already built one board (the flight controller) but see why
> you guys like eurocircuits. I messed up my first try, and am a little
> unsure about my second. It looks a little like it has not etched
> completely between a few of the smaller pads. Time to break out the
> multimeter I guess. I certainly did not appreciate how small this board
> actually is until I built it.

We have stoped building PCBs at home, mostly because we wanted solder mask and
platted holes. I really don't recommend to etch a v1.2 at home - use a v1.1 if
you really want to etch it at home. Best solution is to order from a PBC maker
I had the fisrt pannels from eurocircuits for about 20 euros each.

>Thanks for the help. By the way, great job
> on the recent competition. It is inspiring to see that this project is
> under active development, and actually works.

Thank you , and I'm very glad that you're getting in.
Good luck


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