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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Tiny v2.11 - Programming help required

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Tiny v2.11 - Programming help required
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 21:30:12 GMT


I believe the maxstream packages use an FTDI USB-to-serial converter chip 
(everything in linux is chip-specific).  The FTDI driver is already present and 
functional in Ubuntu so you may be all set.  Type "dmesg | tail" after plugging 
in the modem and look for something about ftdi on ttyusb0 or such.  

The ground modem can be any baud you want.  Maxtream and some others allow 
independent configuration of the RF baud and serial port baud to allow the air 
and ground serial baud rates to be unequal so long as the RF rates are equal.  
Make sure your ap and airborne modem are at the same baud (-DUART0_BAUD=B9600 
in your case) and same for the gcs (link line should have "-s 9600" or such to 
match the ground modem) and make sure your modems are each configured for their 
appropriate baud rates as well (maybe 9600 is the default?).

The RC modes are set in conf/radios/*.xml but I don't know how those settings 
get mapped to channels 1 thru 8.  I usually use the transmitter programming to 
change the channel of my switch until I find the one that works.

Your airframe file looks ok but I should point out that the GPS failsafe values 
on many of the cvs airframes are strange, specifying 30% throttle, 30 degree 
pitch up, and 17 degree roll in the event of a total loss of GPS position info. 
 It sounds to me more like a wild spin, throttle-on crash and lipo fire.  I 
advise something more like 0 throttle, 10 deg up and 17 roll or whatever 
produces a gentle circling glide on your airframe.  I think these pitch/roll 
values are used in "kill" mode as well so you can test them in the air.
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I have a Tiny v2.11 autopilot with all the hardware needed for autonomous flight. I have started on the programming, but have run into a few difficulties.

I have installed all the hardware in my aircraft, but have not gotten any further than that succesfully. I am meant to be demonstrating autonomous flight a week from now, so it would be really great if I could get the autopilot fully working by then.

I am new to Linux, and have run into some problems regarding the programming. It would be extremely helpful if you could provide some assistance. I am using Ubuntu 8.04.1 - Hardy Heron

I have been studying the Wiki and following it very closely.

This is what I need help with:

- Installing the drivers for the radio modem (the ground-station modem. It plugs into the USB port and grabs the serial signals. I'm sure you know all about this... The readme file that came with it says that I need to compile the driver into a 'Loadable Kernel Module' but I am unsure how to do this. The modem I am using is a Digi (Maxstream) 9XTend operating on 900MHz. I have been told that I may not need to install the driver, but can you please advise me on what to do.

- Configuring the rc radio settings: I am using a 6-channel JR Radio. I have found (using a scope) that my JR R700 7-channel receiver outputs the ppm signal through the 'signal' pin in the battery connector. I can attach a picture of the signal if you want. Also, how do you choose which channel determines the mode? (Auto 1, Auto 2, Manual).

- Configuring the airframe file: I have had a go at making my own airframe file (following the wiki), but are not sure if it is correct. I have pasted the code at the bottom. My airframe is very simple: A 3-Channel Easystar. It also hope to be able to trigger a servo for controlling the shutter on a camera at a set position, but I will keep it simple and focus on achieving autonomous flight first.

It would really be great if you could help me get this working within the next week.

Thankyou very much,


Here is my airframe code:

<!DOCTYPE airframe SYSTEM "airframe.dtd">

<airframe name="EASYSTAR">
 <!-- tiny v2.11 airframe -->

<!-- commands section -->
    <servo name="THROTTLE"  no="0" min="1000" neutral="1500" max="2000"/>
    <servo name="RUDDER"  no="2" min="1000" neutral="1500" max="2000"/>
    <servo name="ELEVATOR" no="6" min="1000" neutral="1500" min="2000"/>

    <axis name="THROTTLE" failsafe_value="0"/>
    <axis name="YAW"     failsafe_value="0"/>
    <axis name="PITCH"    failsafe_value="0"/>

    <set command="THROTTLE" value="@THROTTLE"/>
    <set command="ROLL"     value="@ROLL"/>
    <set command="PITCH"    value="@PITCH"/>

    <set servo="THROTTLE" value="@THROTTLE"/>
    <set servo="RUDDER" value="@ROLL"/>
<set servo="ELEVATOR" value="@PITCH"/>

  <section name="AUTO1" prefix="AUTO1_">
    <define name="MAX_ROLL" value="0.6"/>
    <define name="MAX_PITCH" value="0.6"/>

  <section name="adc" prefix="ADC_CHANNEL_">
    <define name="IR1" value="ADC_0"/>
    <define name="IR2" value="ADC_1"/>
    <define name="IR_TOP" value="ADC_6"/>


  <section name="INFRARED" prefix="IR_">
    <define name="ADC_IR1_NEUTRAL" value="512"/>
    <define name="ADC_IR2_NEUTRAL" value="512"/>
    <define name="ADC_TOP_NEUTRAL" value="512"/>
    <define name="IR2_SIGN" value="-1"/>
    <define name="TOP_SIGN" value="-1"/>
    <define name="HORIZ_SENSOR_TILTED" value="1"/>
    <define name="LATERAL_CORRECTION" value="1"/>
    <define name="LONGITUDINAL_CORRECTION" value="1"/>
    <define name="VERTICAL_CORRECTION" value="1"/>
    <define name="ROLL_NEUTRAL_DEFAULT" value="0" unit="deg"/>
    <define name="PITCH_NEUTRAL_DEFAULT" value="0" unit="deg"/>
    <define name="CORRECTION_UP" value="1"/>
    <define name="CORRECTION_DOWN" value="1"/>
    <define name="CORRECTION_LEFT" value="1"/>
    <define name="CORRECTION_RIGHT" value="1"/>


  <section name="BAT">
    <define name="MILLIAMP_PER_PERCENT" value="0.86"/>
    <define name="CATASTROPHIC_BAT_LEVEL" value="5.5" unit="V"/>
  <section name="MISC">
    <define name="NOMINAL_AIRSPEED" value="7" unit="m/s"/>
    <define name="CARROT" value="5." unit="s"/>
    <define name="KILL_MODE_DISTANCE" value="(1.5*MAX_DIST_FROM_HOME)"/>
    <define name="CONTROL_RATE" value="60" unit="Hz"/>
  <section name="PID">
    <define name="ROLL_PGAIN" value="5000."/>
    <define name="PITCH_OF_ROLL" value="0.25"/>
    <define name="PITCH_PGAIN" value="10000."/>
    <define name="MAX_ROLL" value="0.35"/>
    <define name="MAX_PITCH" value="0.35"/>
    <define name="MIN_PITCH" value="-0.35"/>
    <define name="AILERON_OF_THROTTLE" value="0.0"/>
    <define name="CRUISE_THROTTLE" value="0.35"/>
  <section name="ALT" prefix="CLIMB_">
    <define name="PITCH_PGAIN" value="-0.05"/>
    <define name="PITCH_IGAIN" value="0.075"/>
    <define name="PGAIN" value="-0.01"/>
    <define name="IGAIN" value="0.1"/>
    <define name="MAX" value="1."/>
    <define name="PITCH_OF_VZ_PGAIN" value="0.05"/>
    <define name="THROTTLE_OF_CLIMB" value="0.15" unit="%/(m/s)"/>
  <section name="HORIZONTAL CONTROL" prefix="H_CTL_">
    <define name="COURSE_PGAIN" value="-0.4"/>
    <define name="ROLL_MAX_SETPOINT" value="0.6" unit="radians"/>
    <define name="PITCH_MAX_SETPOINT" value="0.5" unit="radians"/>
    <define name="PITCH_MIN_SETPOINT" value="-0.5" unit="radians"/>

    <define name="ROLL_PGAIN" value="5000."/>
    <define name="AILERON_OF_THROTTLE" value="0.0"/>
    <define name="PITCH_PGAIN" value="-9000."/>
    <define name="PITCH_DGAIN" value="1.5"/>
    <!--  roll rate loop -->
    <define name="ROLL_RATE_MODE_DEFAULT" value="1"/>
    <define name="ROLL_RATE_SETPOINT_PGAIN" value="-5." unit="rad/s/rad"/>
    <define name="ROLL_RATE_MAX_SETPOINT" value="10"/>
    <define name="LO_THROTTLE_ROLL_RATE_PGAIN" value="1000."/>
    <define name="HI_THROTTLE_ROLL_RATE_PGAIN" value="1000."/>
    <define name="ROLL_RATE_IGAIN" value="0"/>
    <define name="ROLL_RATE_DGAIN" value="0"/>
    <define name="ROLL_RATE_SUM_NB_SAMPLES" value="64"/>


  <section name="VERTICAL CONTROL" prefix="V_CTL_">

    <define name="POWER_CTL_BAT_NOMINAL" value="6" unit="volt"/>
    <!-- outer loop proportional gain -->
    <define name="ALTITUDE_PGAIN" value="-0.03"/>
    <!-- outer loop saturation -->
    <define name="ALTITUDE_MAX_CLIMB" value="2."/>

    <!-- auto throttle inner loop -->
    <define name="AUTO_THROTTLE_NOMINAL_CRUISE_THROTTLE" value="0.4"/>
    <define name="AUTO_THROTTLE_MIN_CRUISE_THROTTLE" value="0.30"/>
    <define name="AUTO_THROTTLE_MAX_CRUISE_THROTTLE" value="0.80"/>
    <define name="AUTO_THROTTLE_LOITER_TRIM" value="1500"/>
    <define name="AUTO_THROTTLE_DASH_TRIM" value="-1000"/>
    <define name="AUTO_THROTTLE_CLIMB_THROTTLE_INCREMENT" value="0.15" unit="%/(m/s)"/>
    <define name="AUTO_THROTTLE_PGAIN" value="-0.01"/>
    <define name="AUTO_THROTTLE_IGAIN" value="0.1"/>
    <define name="AUTO_THROTTLE_PITCH_OF_VZ_PGAIN" value="0.05"/>

    <!-- auto pitch inner loop -->
    <define name="AUTO_PITCH_PGAIN" value="-0.05"/>
    <define name="AUTO_PITCH_IGAIN" value="0.075"/>
    <define name="AUTO_PITCH_MAX_PITCH" value="0.35"/>
    <define name="AUTO_PITCH_MIN_PITCH" value="-0.35"/>

   <define name="THROTTLE_SLEW" value="0.1"/>


  <section name="NAV">
    <define name="NAV_PITCH" value="0.0"/>
    <define name="NAV_GLIDE_PITCH_TRIM" value="0.2"/>
    <define name="DEFAULT_CIRCLE_RADIUS" value="100" unit="m"/>

  <section name="AGGRESSIVE" prefix="AGR_">
    <define name="CLIMB_THROTTLE" value="0.95"/><!-- Throttle for Aggressive Climb -->
    <define name="DESCENT_THROTTLE" value="0.1"/><!-- Throttle for Aggressive Decent -->
    <define name="CLIMB_PITCH" value="0.3"/><!-- Pitch for Aggressive Climb -->
    <define name="DESCENT_PITCH" value="-0.25"/><!-- Pitch for Aggressive Decent -->
    <define name="BLEND_START" value="20"/><!-- Altitude Error to Initiate Aggressive Climb CANNOT BE ZERO!!-->
    <define name="BLEND_END" value="10"/><!-- Altitude Error to Blend Aggressive to Regular Climb Modes  CANNOT BE ZERO!!-->
    <define name="CLIMB_NAV_RATIO" value="0.8"/><!-- Percent Navigation for Altitude Error Equal to Start Altitude -->
    <define name="DESCENT_NAV_RATIO" value="1.0"/>

  <section name="FAILSAFE" prefix="FAILSAFE_">
    <define name="DELAY_WITHOUT_GPS" value="1" unit="s"/>
        <define name="DEFAULT_THROTTLE" value="0.3" unit="%"/>
        <define name="DEFAULT_ROLL" value="0.3" unit="rad"/>
        <define name="DEFAULT_PITCH" value="0.5" unit="rad"/>
    <define name="HOME_RADIUS" value="100" unit="m"/>
  <section name="DATALINK" prefix="DATALINK_">
    <define name="DEVICE_TYPE" value="PPRZ"/>
    <define name="DEVICE_ADDRESS" value="...."/>

include $(PAPARAZZI_SRC)/conf/autopilot/tiny.makefile


ap.srcs = sys_time.c $(SRC_ARCH)/sys_time_hw.c $(SRC_ARCH)/armVIC.c main_fbw.c main_ap.c main.c

ap.CFLAGS += -DLED_3_BANK=0 -DLED_3_PIN=17 -DLED_4_BANK=0 -DLED_4_PIN=18 -DLED_5_BANK=0 -DLED_5_PIN=19 -DLED_6_BANK=0 -DLED_6_PIN=20

ap.srcs += commands.c

ap.CFLAGS += -DACTUATORS=\"servos_4015_hw.h\" -DSERVOS_4015
ap.srcs += actuators.c $(SRC_ARCH)/servos_4015_hw.c

ap.srcs += radio_control.c $(SRC_ARCH)/ppm_hw.c 

ap.srcs += downlink.c $(SRC_ARCH)/uart_hw.c datalink.c pprz_transport.c latlong.c

ap.srcs += inter_mcu.c

ap.srcs += $(SRC_ARCH)/adc_hw.c


ap.srcs += gps_ubx.c gps.c

ap.srcs += infrared.c estimator.c

ap.srcs += nav.c fw_h_ctl.c fw_v_ctl.c nav_survey_rectangle.c nav_line.c

ap.srcs += gyro.c

# Harware In The Loop


# Config for SITL simulation
include $(PAPARAZZI_SRC)/conf/autopilot/sitl.makefile
sim.srcs += nav_survey_rectangle.c traffic_info.c nav_line.c

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