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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Very general question about technical choices.

From: Maik Höpfel
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Very general question about technical choices.
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 15:55:51 +0200

Hey Denis,

I know people have been using Gumstix boards before. Search for that
term trough the wiki and the mailing list archives.


2010/6/20 Denis BEURIVE <address@hidden>:
> Hello,
> I just discover the Paparazzi project.
> I've studied the system. I also studied other similar projects. And I have a
> general question:
> Paparazzi, and other systems, uses microcontrolers. I suppose that this
> choice is based on weight and electricity consumption.
> My question is:
> Would it be possible to use some hardware that supports a classic operating
> system?
> For example:
> Hardware: Something that looks like the Roboard (
> Operating system: Debian (or other Linux).
> Programming language: Some high level language (Python, Perl,...).
> => The electricity consumption is higher.
> => The weight is higher.
> But, the system should be much more flexible.
> High level programming languages make programming much easier. The code
> should be much smaller, much easier to understand... and, finally, easier to
> modify.
> Robotic adapted mother boards make connectivity easy...
> I guess that this kind of solution is suitable for bigger aircraft. But, in
> the future, computers will become even smaller... The use of some specific
> hardware and low level code, won't be necessary anymore.
> What is your opinion?
> Thank you. And, please, apologize for my English. I tried to make it as good
> as I can, but it could be improved.
> Denis
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