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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Paparazzi and Flightgear

From: Felix Ruess
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Paparazzi and Flightgear
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2016 19:08:55 +0100


first of all some clarification: we use FlightGear only for vizualization, the simulation itself is independent of FlightGear.
That also means that the model you specify when launching FlightGear only specifies the rendered 3D model.

For the actual simulation of the aircraft and environment there are different options:
Although the jsbsim simulator target has been removed as NPS provides a superset of it (will try to update the wiki accordingly).

So for your case you have the option to use NPS with one of it's FDM backends (JSBSim in most cases).
If you want to use JSBSim you would have to create a JSBSim model for your vehicle.
There are fixedwing and simple multicopter models so far:

Regarding the documentation: I know this is not the strongest point of Paparazzi, but this is also a community effort (especially the wiki) and every bit of help is appreciated here.
It would also really help if you could point out areas where you found documentation particularly lacking or confusing so we can try to better focus the limited time on particular topics of most benefit.

Cheers, Felix

On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 10:42 AM, notoriou5 <address@hidden> wrote:

thank you very much. It works really great now :D

I am currently trying to build a transition vehicle which is basically a Y4
Copter with a tilting coaxial front engine. How much work would it be to
implement such a model ( as basic as possible, maybe just the rods of the
Y4) into Flightgear?

Or another way: What happens if I build the Y4 Copter File with Paparazzi
and simulate it with the existing mikrokopter file from Flightgear? Will the
Mikrokopter behave like my Y4 Copter?

Thank you very much,


PS: Thanks a lot to the developers of Paparazzi and all the people working
on it. Its a lot of fun using this software and trying to make things work.
The program is awesome, just the documentation could be in more detail
sometimes ;)

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