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Re: Membership request for group PSPP

From: patrick
Subject: Re: Membership request for group PSPP
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 19:31:30 +0100 (CET)
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Hi Ben,

Thanks for the feedback. I will make the last changes when I get home this
night. After that I will do the first commit.
Concerning the manual:
John gave me the golden tip that should do the trick.

I did discover one error in the manual.
Both texi2html and makeinfo complain about version.texi
*** Can't find version.texi, skipping at /usr/bin/texi2html line 3662,
<FH001> line 57.
Version.texi isn't in CVS

Can you fix that one before I do the final conversion.
I still have to figure out howto get a nice layout first, so until then
it's no hurry.


> "P.C.J.G. Brunier" <address@hidden> writes:
>> Before I'm going to commit the changes to CVS I want my work approved.
>> Can you take a look at: The address I will send you seperatly.
>> That's the changed website.
>> Let me know what you think about it and what needs to be changed.
> It looks pretty good to me.  I noticed one misspelling on the
> main page: "feautures".
> I see one more thing I'd like to rephrase.  On the "help wanted"
> page could you remove the sentence with my name in it?  The next
> sentence could just start out as "We" I guess.  (In general I
> don't want to give the impression that I'm sole author anymore,
> because there are now multiple active contributors.)
> Regarding the trouble you had with texi2html, do you think it
> would be better to use `makeinfo --html'?  Either one should
> produce acceptable HTML output, so it is a matter of which one
> works better for you.
> Thanks,
> Ben.
> --
> "It was then I realized how dire my medical situation was.  Here I was,
>  a network admin, unable to leave, and here was someone with a broken
>  network.  And they didn't ask me to fix it.  They didn't even try to
>  casually pry a hint out of me." --Ryan Tucker in the Monastery

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