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Re: Website is updated

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: Website is updated
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 16:55:29 -0800
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"P.C.J.G. Brunier" <address@hidden> writes:

> Everything is updated on the PSPP pages. Take a look. Including the
> manual. Compiling the sources did the trick indeed. texi2html worked
> fine from that moment.
> I've decided to go for a more GNU standard approach. Using the
> script gives everybody the possibility to download the
> manual the way they like.
> Hopefully you agree with that. If you don' problem...I will do
> it the pure HTML way.

It looks good to me.  It is nice to give people multiple
options.  I didn't know there was a script for generating all
those versions.  Where is

> Other wishes from John and thoughts from me:
> *Contributor page:
> Are the projectmembers on Savannah all the main contributors? Do you
> have a list and description of the old ones?

The Savannah contributors are the important ones, if I recall

> *Getting started guide:
> Nice idea....I've started PSPP today...I definitly need a getting
> started guide. Can somebody write one?

Good idea.  I've filed a bug with that idea so it doesn't get

> *List of (un)supported commands/features:
> Nice idea....Can somebody write them down or give me a hint howto
> obtain them?

There is a section in the manual titled "Not Implemented" that is
a partial list.  Actually AGGREGATE and AUTORECODE on that list
*are* implemented, so I just checked in a change to the manual
reflecting that.

> *Examples. Showing all the wonderful things PSPP can do.
> Nice idea....Can somebody write something down?

I think that we have one developer new to PSPP who is talking
about creating some examples.

> *Logo. I will try to create a nice and simple one for PSPP.
> *Layout. I will try to create a better layout...same content.

Sounds great.
"[I]n this era of constant innovation,
 it takes a special kind of person to look evolution in the eye
 and say "huh?"."
--Chris Hacking

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