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Re: Assertion in sort.c

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: Assertion in sort.c
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 23:32:21 -0800
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John Darrington <address@hidden> writes:

> Has anyone got any clues on this one.  It's certainly got me stumped.

I've started looking at the code.  Now that I look it over, I
can't understand why it *ever* worked.  It shouldn't have.  I
suspect that I never tested actually tested this code after I
wrote it.  I know I wrote and ran test cases, but they must have
used the in-memory path instead.

I will fix it over the weekend.
"Then, I came to my senses, and slunk away, hoping no one overheard my
--Steve McAndrewSmith in the Monastery

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