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Re: Mac 10.4 compile with gcc 4.0: flip.c error--update

From: Marshall DeBerry
Subject: Re: Mac 10.4 compile with gcc 4.0: flip.c error--update
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 19:32:30 -0400

Checking on some things led to the following info:

The config.log  does generates a   #define HAVE_OFF_T 1 statement.
Checking in <sys/types.h> shows the following:

#ifndef _OFF_T
typedef __darwin_off_t          off_t;
#define _OFF_T

Further checking in <sys/_types.h> finds that
__darwin_off_t is defined as:

  typedef __int64_t       __darwin_off_t;  

So, it looks like off_t is there;  but flip.c has the fragment
#ifndef HAVE_OFF_T
#define off_t long int

I've inserted a #include <sys/types.h> at the top of flip.c for the moment.
That change has allowed a compile, and I've created an executable pspp

Running make distcheck resulted in two errors:

Failure on (mentioned previously):
<      .  /2.00E+00/0000000003/4010000000000000/
 >      .  /2.00E+00/0000000003/0000000000001040/
<      .  /6.00E+00/0000000007/4020000000000000/
 >      .  /6.00E+00/0000000007/0000000000002040/
<      .  /1.00E+01/0000000011/4028000000000000/
 >      .  /1.00E+01/0000000011/0000000000002840/
compare print out
FAIL: command/

And failure on

./../tests/command/ line 169: 11971 Abort  
trap              $SUPERVISOR $here/../src/pspp -o raw-ascii  
$name.pspp >/dev/null 2>&1
run ff-ss.pspp
FAIL: command/

I will send the make distcheck results to bug-gnu-pspp also.  Note
that this version of Mac OS is pretty heavy into using 64 bits -- thus, 
it becomes important to use the type defs found in the standard
include files to ensure that the particular OS's file structures are
handled appropriately.


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