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RE: installing pspp from cvs failed

From: Marshall DeBerry
Subject: RE: installing pspp from cvs failed
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 12:57:39 -0400

Jaap-Andre, did you read the README.developer file which indicates you need
to do a make -f Smake first?  Also, you need to make sure you have the
latest version of autoconf, automake, and gettext, as is mentioned in the
NEWS file.  My experience with Mac OS X 10.3, and now 10.4 (Tiger), has
Apple shipping OS X with older versions of these programs, which cause
numerous issues when doing the initial configure setup.  I downloaded,
compiled, and installed autoconf 2.59, gettext 0.14.2, and automake 1.9.3.

Second, you will probably need the gsl and gmp libraries, as they did not
come on my standard Panther edition at the time.  I downloaded, compiled,
and installed gsl-1.5 and gmp-4.1.4.  You will also need the plotutils
package as well.

Hope this is helpful.

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Subject: installing pspp from cvs failed

I want to install pspp from cvs on linux debian woody (stable):

I downloaded the files from cvs

and start reading INSTALL

step 1: cd to src dir and type ./configure.
        so I did cd src
        ls conf*
                no file found.

So I have to build configure by using autoconf:
this gives 6 errors:
line 7,10,14,26,27,98: possibly undefined macro:

automake, gettext .... hmmm is it installed... No it isn't.

try again: installed (woody stable, uptodate system):
automake version: at first 1.4-p4, but 1.5 didn't work as well
gettext 0.10.40
autoconf: 2.53

but still with autoconf: same error as above

and it is indeed a problem, because if I start ./configure
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE, command not found
AC_GNU_SOURCE, command not found
<some checks>
./configure: line 2050: syntax error near unexpected token 

Unfortunately could not past step 1 :-(
main reason: no configure in cvs.
second reason: needs newer versions of programms than in debian stable???


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