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fn_search_path semantics

From: John Darrington
Subject: fn_search_path semantics
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 08:25:34 +0800
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If you start pspp in interactive mode, and type:

 include "anything".

it will promptly crash.

The offending line seems to be this one in src/language/line-buffer.c

 char *found_fn = fn_search_path (fn, ds_cstr (&getl_include_path),
                                       fn_dir_name (cur_source->fn));

since cur_source is NULL.

Looking at the definition of fn_search_path in src/data/file-name.c:

/* Searches for a configuration file with name NAME in the path
   given by PATH, which is tilde- and environment-interpolated.
   Directories in PATH are delimited by ':'.  Returns the
   malloc'd full name of the first file found, or NULL if none is

   If PREFIX is non-NULL, then it is prefixed to each file name;
   i.e., it looks like PREFIX/PATH_COMPONENT/NAME.  This is not
   done with absolute directories in the path. */
 char *
 fn_search_path (const char *base_name, const char *path_, const char

1. The comment doesn't seem to fit the signature.

2. I can't see a reason for the PREFIX argument anyway.  Why would we
   want to prefix the search path components?  All other calls to
   fn_search_path, pass NULL for this argument.


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