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Re: Threads on windows.

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: Threads on windows.
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 07:37:16 -0800
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John Darrington <address@hidden> writes:

>      What needs to happen before 0.4.2 is released BTW?
> Ben is the maintainer, so ultimately, that decision is his.  

I'd prefer to arrive at a consensus, then release when we've met
the goals.

> However, based upon previous discussions, my understanding is:
> * Get the gui working at least to a stage where it's reasonably
>   reliable and demonstrates feasibility.
> * As a prerequisite to this, Ben's working on a largish change to the
>   way pspp stores its data internally.

Yes--I've been distracted a bit by the mingw stuff though, so
there's been little progress there lately.  It's on my mind

> * Fix the  bugs noted in the bug tracker, which are noted for the next
>   release. 
> * Now that you've demonstrated that a w32 port is feasible, presumably
>   we'll be doing that too.

Sounds good to me.  
On Perl: "It's as if H.P. Lovecraft, returned from the dead and speaking by
seance to Larry Wall, designed a language both elegant and terrifying for his
Elder Things to write programs in, and forgot that the Shoggoths didn't turn
out quite so well in the long run." --Matt Olson

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