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German translations for psppire

From: Andreas Streichardt
Subject: German translations for psppire
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 23:48:53 +0200
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i just found out that there is a new version of PSPP out there. GREAT :D

Although i will most likely use the console stuff i had a quick look at the 
new UI. Somehow it seems to look quite similar to that of a commercial app ;)

Unfortunately the german translations are making it unusable for me :( (as 
stated in the Disclaimer of the po ;) ). I stumpled upon an error and 
couldn't understand what it was trying to tell me :(.

So i had a quick look at the german po file and fixed (at least tried to) some 
of the translations. Beware. I just did it in the file without checking any 
context so some of my "fixes" may likely be new errors. Furthermore i didn't 
touch most of the menu stuff (at least i assume that these were menu items 
because of the underscore somewhere in the items).

This was actually the first time i ever edited a po file and i did it without 
any tools (vim ;) ).

Furthermore my changes didn't have any effect after a recompile :S

As i said. Never did anything with po files :(.

My suggestion would be to remove the german translations until you find a 
language enthutiast. As you are doing a clone of some commercial app (which i 
very, very, very seldom use - and do not have at home) the user might want to 
have the same wording in psppire as well as in this commercial app. That's 
why i didn't touch the menu items. Most germans are quite firm in english 
(and probably 100% of the potential german users of psppire) so the removal 
wouldn't even harm.

But if you want to stick to the german translations my diff might be (at least 
a bit) useful. I didn't touch "Stecken" although it is completely broken 
german ;). It should be "Einfügen" but all cases i found seemed to be menu 
items - so i didn't touch them. 

Hopefully the translator(s?) don't take my comments personally. German is a 
difficult language compared to english and translating a very special 
software with many Fachausdrücken (see - dunno evn know the english word ;) ) 
is probably the hardest job to do and my french would beat your german VERY 
easily ;) Furthermore many of the Fachausdrücke shouldn't even be translated 
as they made their way into the german (researchers) language.

As i said, my suggestion is to simply remove it as it is not really needed but 
makes it unusable for a german user currently :S.

Please CC me (in case you even want to answer) as i am not subscribed to this  
list. Flamings accepted ;)

The attached diff is against the 0.6.0 tarball. Couldn't check wether this is 
fixed in the development version as i am too incompetent to use git ;)

Kind regards,

        Andreas Streichardt

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