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[patch #6245] Perl Module

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [patch #6245] Perl Module
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 04:53:43 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #8, patch #6245 (project pspp):

The COPYING file in the perl-module directory is the GPL version 2.  AFAICT,
Perl is licensed under GPL 1 or later, so I think that we can (and should) use
GPLv3 here instead.

>perl's MakeMaker utility has no "make uninstall" target, which 
>gnits insists upon. 

It should be possible to add targets to the generated makefile.  The
ExtUtils::MakeMaker documentation says this:

$Here is a simple example of how to add a new target to the $generated
$    sub MY::postamble {
$        return <<'MAKE_FRAG';
$    $(MYEXTLIB): sdbm/Makefile
$            cd sdbm && $(MAKE) all
$    }

I got that from

FWIW, the Automake manual lists the following standard targets:

$Here is a list of the most useful targets that the GNU Coding Standards
$make all
$    Build programs, libraries, documentation, etc. (same as make).
$make install
$    Install what needs to be installed, copying the files from the package's
tree to system-wide directories.
$make install-strip
$    Same as make install, then strip debugging symbols. Some users like to
trade space for useful bug reports...
$make uninstall
$    The opposite of make install: erase the installed files. (This needs to
be run from the same build tree that was installed.)
$make clean
$    Erase from the build tree the files built by make all.
$make distclean
$    Additionally erase anything ./configure created.
$make check
$    Run the test suite, if any.
$make installcheck
$    Check the installed programs or libraries, if supported.
$make dist
$    Recreate package-version.tar.gz from all the source files. 

>If everyone's happy with this, then I'll merge it into master.

I have no objection.  (I didn't try to build it, but it looks good enough to
me that we can fix whatever we find after it's merged.)


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