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Re: errors in snapshot merge-20090126 en 27

From: unknown-1
Subject: Re: errors in snapshot merge-20090126 en 27
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 10:17:23 +0100

I just used
 ./configure --infodir=....
And for the -20090125 versie everything worked fine. It was on a reasonable fresh installation so I guess it is not corrupt. Using "make" on the same source gives the same result. I will try and download the source again. It could be an extraction problem. However it is strange that it happens on 2 versions and the 3th (which was the last I tried) works fine.
Did you download the source from the snapshot page?
BTW. Wouldn't it be an idea to have a link to the snapshot builds on the gnu pspp home page?
Have fun

2009/1/29, Ben Pfaff <
unknown-1 <> writes:

> pspp-merge-20090126
> ====
> src/language/tests/check-model.c:411:52: warning: missing terminating "
> character

On line 411 of check-model.c, when I build from that snapshot, is:
       else if (lex_match_hyphenated_word (lexer, "PROGRESS"))
which doesn't match the reported error message.  When I try a
compile, I don't get that error (or any error).

> src/language/tests/check-model.c: In function 'parse_check_model':
> src/language/tests/check-model.c:411: error: missing terminating " character
> src/language/tests/check-model.c:412: error: stray '\312' in program
> src/language/tests/check-model.c:412: error: stray '\201' in program

That's really weird too.  It's like your source file is

Once in a while I've seen this kind of problem when "make -j" is
used and a Makefile has insufficient dependencies.  Are you using
"make -j"?  If so, does the error disappear if you drop the -j
from the make command line?

> pspp-merge-20090127
> ===========
> src/language/stats/frequencies.c: In function 'parse_frequencies':
> src/language/stats/frequencies.c:321: error: expected ')' before 's'
> src/language/stats/frequencies.c:321: error: stray '\235' in program
> src/language/stats/frequencies.c:321:60: warning: missing terminating "

That matches the symptoms above, and the underlying problem is
probably the same.
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