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Re: guile again

From: Matej Cepl
Subject: Re: guile again
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 17:47:14 +0100
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On 2009-03-26, 14:58 GMT, John Darrington wrote:
> I think it's important to understand the motive for wanting to 
> do this.  As I see it, there are three possible motives, which 
> do not necessarily call for the same solutions.  The first 
> motive is to enable users to write their own "scripts".  The 
> second is to ease development effort.  A third possible motive 
> is to increase the user base (which is why I think SPSS chose 
> to integrate R).

(I am just lurking here, being just a humble package maintainer 
on Fedora, not developer per se, but here I have to rise up from 
my lurking state)

I personally would warn against Guille ... ask people around 
GNUCash about their experience. There is a tone of code in 
GNUCash written in Guille there which nobody wants to touch with 
ten feets pole. Have mercy on your users and suggest some easy to 
use language like APL, or something? ;-)

No seriously, I think it would be cool to have R language -- just 
to be able to use all R scripts going around would be cool.


(back to lurking)

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