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Re: Subscribe PSPP to

From: john
Subject: Re: Subscribe PSPP to
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 23:08:29 +0000
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Pspp is free software.  So anyone is free to develop it, using whatever
tools and resources they choose.

However, for translators who want to use a public forum, and wish their 
contributions to be integrated into the Pspp distribution, I really would 
strongly suggest over any other.  The reason
is, that to my knowledge, it is the only forum that tracks the copyright 
status of contributions, and has any sort of communication with the FSF 
office.  See

This is an important requirement for code/translations contributed to pspp.
By all means use another forum, if it suits you, and you plan to maintain
your own fork.  However, if you want your translation to be included in the
official tarball, I imagine it would be extremely disappointing to have it
excluded, because it included translations from persons who couldn't/wouldn't
assign their copyright.


On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 05:05:18PM +0200, Jacopo Anderlini wrote:
> Great!
> Here it is the web interface for translate.
> It's not exactly like the one on but it's opensource and  
> we can put it in pspp site (for example pspp/translate). I found pottle  
> but it seems difficult to install.
> Transifex seems to be a useful cms for translation project (waiting for  
> the "liberation" of launchpad's rosetta) and it adapts to many  
> versioning program :)
> I'm able to use CMS, I use drupal and joomla and I know a bit about php  
> adn have a good background of html (and css) so, if needed, I'm  
> disposable in working on that.

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