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Re: Re: Subscribe PSPP to

From: unknown-1
Subject: Re: Re: Subscribe PSPP to
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 10:06:49 +0200

2009/6/17  <j>:
> If the issue is just about obtaining getting a copy of the pspp.pot file,

Nop. When using such a translator service, the translator sites needs
the .pot file to validate the translation. Now the PSPP team has to
verify translations again and again. No real burden if there is just 1
translation, but if there are 50 translations....

I guess the benefits of the translator sites are:
- the translations can be done by teams which make it less dependent on a person
- a translation can be done by several persons concurrent
- the validation of the translation against the .pot file is done by
the translation site.
- version control is done by the site
- and for the translationproject, a check of the copyrights is done

> In fact, perhaps Ben could add a line to his script to extract this file for
> us.  This should be enought to allow people to start writing new translations.

Well, I guess anybody who is able to validate and check her/his
translation, is also able to find this file. Can be done, but I guess
this would be an overkill.

> As for improvements/updates to existing translations they can be obtained from
> the git repositories on Savannah. Contributions can be submitted via the
> savannah patch tracker, or committed directly to the git repository for those
> people who have access.

Sure, but this makes the translation a 1 person job. If the person
stops it will be difficult to find a successor. If I remember
correctly, there was a German translation which was removed because it
was not maintained any more. Hopefully this won't happen if it is on a
translation site with several translators.

Anyway, I can live without the use of such a site. But I guess it will
make the live of the PSPP team easier and the PSPP translations more
future proof because the withdrawal of people can more easily be
filled in by other people.

Have fun

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