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From: John Darrington
Subject: covariance-matrix.c
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 01:39:10 +0800
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I've started implementing CORRELATIONS, and it make sense to use
src/math/covariance-matrix.c but I have a number of questions
about it.

covariance_accumulate_listwise doesn't seem to be complete.
Notably, val2 is used uninitialised.   However, I don't really
see a need for this function, since it's straightforward, to
filter missing values on a listwise basis using a casefilter.

struct covariance_matrix has a member called "ssize".  I'm guessing
that ssize is a matrix containing the number of non-missing cases 
used to calculate each element of cov.  Such a matrix would be 
rather usefull to CORRELATIONS, but I don't see a method on the
interface to access ssize.   

However, looking at the code, I see instances of expressions like
"->ssize += 1.0" which worries me, because it doesn't seem to account 
for weighted cases.


1. Is covariance_accumulate_listwise actually used? If not, I think
   it's ok to delete it.

2. Can we have a way to access ssize?

3. Has covariance matrix been testing in the presence of non-unity
   caseweights?  If not, then it ought to be.

4. A few extra comments in covariance-matrix.c wouldn't go amiss.


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