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Re: I Can Help! i'm Carlos Rivera

From: Harry Thijssen
Subject: Re: I Can Help! i'm Carlos Rivera
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 16:36:30 +0200

>Hi guys!
>I sent to you an email some days ago, Ben told me that just 3 people are involucrated on the PSPP development, well i'm a marketing student and i know i little about graphic design, i took the
>freedom to design a PSPP logo, if you like it i can design something for the proyect in my spare time as you do. I'll be waiting for an answer, Congrats for all of your work! Thanks!
>Carlos Rivera
>"Dios transforma los corazones, y un corazon transformado...transforma el mundo"

Hi Carlos

Nice somebody offers help. I guess the icon developer job on might be a way for you in which you can help the PSPP team.

In the MSWindows package I build I use the splash.png as the psppire icon. I use the icons developed by Michel Boaventura as the data-file icons, but I would love to have another icon for the .sps syntax files. Maybe developing this *.sps icon is something for you?

Something I am not fully aware of, is the legal issue for the graphic designs. I guess it is necessary that you state somehow that people are allowed to use your icons for free. I am not sure what license GNU prefers for images. If GNU has no rules about this, I guess might be a good choice.


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