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PSPP quote style

From: John Darrington
Subject: PSPP quote style
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 13:50:16 +0000
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I've just pushed a change to the pspp master repository which changes
a lot of translatable strings.   Some quoted text had been written
as "xxx" whilst others as `xxx'.  They are now all `xxx'.
This was to make the quoting style more consistent and in line with
the GNU coding standards, which calls for this style when in the C

There is nothing in the coding standards which requires this style to
be adopted in other locales, so it's up to the individual translators
to choose their own conventions.  So for example if the fr_FR
translator likes to see <<xxx>> or the de_DE guy likes to see
,,xxx`` then so far as I can see that is acceptable.  However, I
notice that many localisations have copied the quotes verbatim from
the original untranslated strings, which until now have been rather
inconsistent.   So I suggest that translators look over their .po
files and adopt some common convention and stick to it.

All affected strings will be marked as "fuzzy" in the next update, so
at the very least they'll need to be reviewed and the fuzzy tag 
removed as appropriate.

Also I noticed a few translations where references to syntax elements
(eg "months", "weeks") had been translated to the target language.
Obviously these must remain in their original orthography. I've added
comments at these places to make this clear.

My thanks go out to all the translators for doing such a great job.
As always, please direct any questions to address@hidden or to 
the relevant translation team.


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