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Re: [vertaling] PSPP quote style

From: Hendrik Maryns
Subject: Re: [vertaling] PSPP quote style
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 12:16:46 +0200
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Dear John and others,

Is it really necessary to abuse the grave accent as a quote?  With
Unicode, there are specific symbols for quotes: ‘ and ’ or even “ and ”,
and for other languages also.

Is there any specific reason why we have to use ASCII, apart from ‘this
is a code convention from the 80s’?

Cheers, H.

Op -10-01-37 20:59, John Darrington schreef:
> I've just pushed a change to the pspp master repository which changes
> a lot of translatable strings.   Some quoted text had been written
> as "xxx" whilst others as `xxx'.  They are now all `xxx'.
> This was to make the quoting style more consistent and in line with
> the GNU coding standards, which calls for this style when in the C
> locale.
> There is nothing in the coding standards which requires this style to
> be adopted in other locales, so it's up to the individual translators
> to choose their own conventions.  So for example if the fr_FR
> translator likes to see <<xxx>> or the de_DE guy likes to see
> ,,xxx`` then so far as I can see that is acceptable.  However, I
> notice that many localisations have copied the quotes verbatim from
> the original untranslated strings, which until now have been rather
> inconsistent.   So I suggest that translators look over their .po
> files and adopt some common convention and stick to it.

Hendrik Maryns
Lavendelstraat 44
NL-2034 MJ Haarlem

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