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want to write a perl module for Statistics of pspp

From: 老邪
Subject: want to write a perl module for Statistics of pspp
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 21:12:29 +0800

Hi, all
     i'm not sure this email is suitable or not. i'm a perl coder, and for some reasons, i'm learning to use PSPP under linux.
 i notice that there is a CPAN module for pspp (PSPP-Perl), but it's just for "read and write the system file", it can't
be used to do any statistical procedures of pspp.
     i think most ppl who use pspp, are mainly using the statistical procedures of pspp, so, i'm thinking if someone can
write a CPAN module for statistics usage of pspp (name it PSPP::Statistics ?), that will be great. for now, i want to give a try.
    but i don't have much experience to write perl code with C library, so i need help from here. can anyone give out
some instructions/guide tour/document(URL) of API ? . so that i can start learning..

best regards,

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