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Re: PSPP back in Debian

From: bojo42
Subject: Re: PSPP back in Debian
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 16:22:18 +0100

Thanks for the hint, after a bit digging i found a quite nice equivalent
in the debhelper 7+ world:

dh_auto_test || cat $(CURDIR)/tests/testsuite.log

So this should help us in all further testsuite failures on Debian
machines :)

I uploaded a new version to mentors that also includes John's latest
endian fixes. Please push it.

Best regards


Am Samstag, den 18.02.2012, 09:28 -0800 schrieb Ben Pfaff:
> Ben Pfaff <address@hidden> writes:
> > bojo42 <address@hidden> writes:
> >
> >> AFAIK it's not possible, cause they delete the chroots of the build is
> >> "done". We could hack debian/rules to post it to the general build logs,
> >> but that we mean a reupload and it's nasty.
> >>
> >> Ben, what do you think?
> >
> > We should probably add a "cat testsuite.log" to debian/rules for
> > at least the failure case.  This is what I had to do for the Open
> > vSwitch Debian packaging in a similar case.
> Here's what Open vSwitch does in debian/rules:
> ifeq (,$(filter nocheck,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))
>         if $(MAKE) -C _debian check TESTSUITEFLAGS='$(PARALLEL)'; then :; \
>         else \
>                 cat _debian/tests/testsuite.log; \
>                 exit 1; \
>         fi
> endif
> (OVS does its build in a subdirectory called _debian.)

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