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Re: Debian test errors

From: Jeremy Lavergne
Subject: Re: Debian test errors
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 11:09:38 -0500

>> * The 
>> path"/build/buildd-pspp_0.7.9+git20120219-1-amd64-O7Y1R3/pspp-0.7.9+git20120219/tests/testsuite.dir/184/.s.PGSQL.6543"
>>  is too long.  If this is true, then I consider it a bug in postgres.  
>>  But perhaps we should try it with something shorter, just to see.
> I would vote for this one, as it would also explain my unability to
> reproduce the failure and it's . When i compare my own build logs
> (pbuilder) with those from Debian's autobuilder network the build
> directory path is quite longer:
> /build/buildd-pspp_0.7.9+git20120214-1-amd64-znUmhA/pspp-0.7.9
> +git20120214
> vs
> /tmp/buildd/pspp-0.7.9+git20120214
> But i don't see how we can do something much shorter as most of the path
> comes from the autobuilders itself and they surely won't let us touch
> them ;) But couldn't you use a relative path when calling postgres?

This would also explain why i was seeing the same error on the Mac: I have 
quite a long path as well.
Usually akin to 

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