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Postgres test problem [was Re: Debian test errors]

From: John Darrington
Subject: Postgres test problem [was Re: Debian test errors]
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 16:22:55 +0000
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On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 05:05:53PM +0100, bojo42 wrote:
     Am Dienstag, den 28.02.2012, 14:54 +0000 schrieb John Darrington:

     > I chatted briefly with #postgres on IRC.  Nobody could give any 
     > definite answer, but suggestions are:
     > * The 
     >   is too long.  If this is true, then I consider it a bug in postgres.  
     >   But perhaps we should try it with something shorter, just to see.
     I would vote for this one, as it would also explain my unability to
     reproduce the failure and it's . When i compare my own build logs
     (pbuilder) with those from Debian's autobuilder network the build
     directory path is quite longer:

Could you try running your autobuilder within a very long pathname, to see if 
it provokes the problem.  If it does, then we'll at least have some confidence
that it really is the problem.
     But i don't see how we can do something much shorter as most of the path
     comes from the autobuilders itself and they surely won't let us touch
     them ;) But couldn't you use a relative path when calling postgres?

I'm not sure that a relative path would work, since it has to be used by 
processes which do not necessarily share the same current directory.
     > * Perhaps the filesystem doesn't support Unix Domian Sockets or has been 
     >   mounted with an option which disallows their creation.
     > Do you think the Debian maintainers of Postgres might be able to help?
     Probably, but this might be a bigger undertaking, because even if it is
     a bug over there we need a new version in Debian and also in every
     derivat before we can work further on PSPP. Therefore i would prefer a
     change in the testsuite, so we're more independent and faster on finally
     getting a proper package in Debian.

I meant "help" by way of advice and suggestions. Not necessarily by hacking the
server to suit us.


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