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Re: gtk3: Replaced PsppSheetView with GtkTreeView for the variables wind

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Re: gtk3: Replaced PsppSheetView with GtkTreeView for the variables window
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2015 09:12:21 +0100

Am 13.12.2015 um 20:41 schrieb John Darrington <address@hidden>:
> Somebody pointed me to
> This seems to rather evectively impement a widget which displays a list of
> rows in O(1) time and space.    And it is nicely uncomplicated at the moment.
> It lazily creates the rows, and displays them only as needed.
> It doesn't do multiple columns, but perhaps could be extended to do so.

Hi John,

good idea to talk with the gtk folks. I guess the listbox-c shows the direct 
data retrieval
in a a nice way. But it would not only require to add columns but also all this 
and selecting based on mouse and keys. Maybe some clean extension of listbox-c 
is nicer
than building something around treeview.

Do the gtk guys see the problem of gtktreeview with large datasets and do they 
have a plan?
Is there a chance that something like the extended listbox-c-lazy-gtksheet 
would ever make it
into gtk?


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