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Fwd: [ELPA] New package: pspp-mode.el for PSPP/SPSS syntax highlighting

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Fwd: [ELPA] New package: pspp-mode.el for PSPP/SPSS syntax highlighting
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 23:55:46 +0200

Hi Stefan, hi Vasilij,

thanks for your response regarding PSPP mode for emacs in GNU Elpa. I think we can simply copy pspp-mode.el to elpa.git and do the necessary modifications there. The keyword list comes from the SPSS command syntax which is also described here:

SPSS is a commercial statistics software from IBM and PSPP is a GNU free software replacement for SPSS.



Anfang der weitergeleiteten Nachricht:

Von: Stefan Monnier <>
Betreff: Aw: [ELPA] New package: pspp-mode.el for PSPP/SPSS syntax highlighting
Datum: 30. Juni 2020 um 16:16:21 MESZ
An: Friedrich Beckmann <>

Sorry for not answering earlier, your mail sneaked through my net.

IIUC the package's copyright is already assigned to the FSF, so we can
add it to GNU ELPA, indeed.

Would you be interested in moving it to live in elpa.git instead of
pspp.git (that would make things a bit easier, avoiding the need to
merge pspp-mode.el changes from pspp.git to elpa.git every once in
a while).

Also, do you happen to know where the long list of identifiers in
`pspp-font-lock-keywords` come from?  It would be good to add a comment
describing how they were generated and from which dataset, so as to know
how/when to update them.


Friedrich Beckmann [2020-06-20 21:53:25] wrote:


I contribute to the GNU PSPP software and maintain the pspp debian
package. The package contains a pspp-mode.el file which provides
the pspp-mode for syntax highlighting spss syntax files. Currently
the file is installed via dh-elpa in the debian package but I think
it should be in the normal gnu elpa distribution.

The file is available here:

Can you integrate that in gnu elpa?



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