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Re: Windows build on the buildbot

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Re: Windows build on the buildbot
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 09:32:40 +0200

Good morning Harry!

> The missing of adwaita en sourceview (btw why not 3.24.11?) is a known issue. 
>  What is missing can change with every openSUSE release.  :-(

I used the same version that is in opensuse 15.2. Mindaugas maintains pspp on 
opensuse. Maybe somebody wants to maintain a opensuse mingw repo with the 
missing parts like Mindaugas for pspp:

such that all required packages end up in:

> I didn't see where you install libiconv and spreadsheet-widget. I would 
> recommend to do everything by scripts. It is somehow a documentation and much 
> better if you have to do it again for lets say openSUSE 16.0

The build control on the buildbot is split. 

1. Toplevel is the master.cfg from buildbot:
2. That calls
    => Build spreadsheet widget via win/
    => Run win/

I take libiconv from opensuse and that is already in the prepared build 
environment, i.e. it is not installed in every
build run. The build environment is created with
  => (running inside the lxc container)

So libiconv is here: and
spread-sheet is here:

I also think that without a scripted setup you are lost.

> And good to chmod not to 777. :-)

I think your script does the sudo chmod. The pspp user inside the lxc container
does sudo without password...

> You didn't handle Postgres I think. But I doubt it worked in my setup. I 
> never tested it and nobody ever complained about it.

Yes, I don’t care about that. I wonder if people even use the pspp terminal 

> I fiddled a bit to build the 1.4.0 release - in the end I renamed
> the files a bit and that is what you find in downloads.
> Yes the release version is always a bit more work.  And actually nobody  
> whats them because they need the translations too which is included in later 
> test versions.  I usually take a version af a few weeks later as teh released 
> version.

Yes, there are problems with the translations in the release. It is a pity 
because we normally try to test the release especially the gui a bit more. This 
time John waited with some major code changes just after the release.

> It is hard to test. And you never know what people around are doing.  I 
> usually do a smoke test and run a syntax script. If that seems to be ok I 
> make them available for download. I have no automated regression tests.
> You have a great script! That must have been hard work to figure out
> all the settings and the flow for the complete installer with this nsis
> and the gdb debugger. I found very little about doing such a windows build.
> Well it is a work of about 10 years. Every problem solved and put in the 
> scripts. 

Really great!

> The build is done by copying the template opensuse virtual machine (lxc 
> container)
> which is disposed after the build. As you said the environment is frozen but
> it should be possible to update the packages in the build machine during the
> build. 
> Be careful even with that. I have seen it often that the dll hell traps in 
> when you update something.  If possible create a complete new environment if 
> an update is needed. A new environment is called a new generation by me. 
> Users have to remove their older installation before installing. When in the 
> same generation, installing on top is ok.

I have the same experience for the MacOS application build. It became better 
since macports does more integration tests.

> It seems the build has not correctly worked today. 

Could be - I tried to do something about the Wformat warnings due to %zu format 
and added -D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO=1 but at least the warnings remain there.

> As far as I can see the has only very minor changes.  
> Most important you changed webdir and not uploading the result as far as I 
> can see.

Yes, your script worked right away!

> Is it your intention to run this continuously?  It looks as if it is not to 
> be much work for you. 

Well, my plan is only to have the windows build on the buildbot to see if 
anything breaks the build there.

The buildbot provides a nightly build of your windows installer:

But I only have windows 7 32 bit in a vmware vm. So I am not testing this. The 
missing regression results in pure build test. But to figure out „funny 
characters“ somebody must run this on Windows.


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