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Re: [Ranger-users] Forum for ranger?

From: Roman Z.
Subject: Re: [Ranger-users] Forum for ranger?
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 01:48:23 +0200
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On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 03:39:04PM -0700, Gary Johnson wrote:
> Forums are not nearly as easy to use as a mailing list.
> 1.  You can't easily tell what you've already read.
> 2.  There is no easy notification of new items, so you waste a lot
>     of time periodically visiting the web site to see if anything is
>     new.
> 3.  Being web based, the interface is clunkier and slower than a
>     local mail client.
> Consider your audience.  I would think anyone who uses an
> ncurses-based file manager with keyboard commands based on Vim is
> hardly interested in what's "hip"--they're much more interested in
> what's functional, in what works well.

While I have sympathy for your position -- I was defending it two months
ago -- It is apparent that a large portion of ranger users do not want
to use mailing lists.  Especially considering the activity of the ranger
thread in the arch linux forum [1].  Sometimes people who don't even use
arch linux register there just to ask a question about ranger.

That thread is a mess in terms of functionality and I want to get rid of
it, without alienating the people who use it as a means for quickly
asking questions through an interface that is easy for them.

I'm really inclined to set up a question/answer web service like OSQA [2].
Much like a bug tracker is far superior for dealing with bugs than a
mailing list, a system like OSQA could be more efficient for dealing
with questions & answers.

> One has to follow both or risk missing some important piece of
> information.

That is a tricky problem for a forum, but it does not seem to apply to a
question/answer web service like OSQA [2]


[1] https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=93025
[2] http://www.osqa.net/

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