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[RP] Locking screen - config file?

From: Martin Samuelsson
Subject: [RP] Locking screen - config file?
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 14:56:49 +0100
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One thing I have added in my version of ratpoison is the following line:

                            {XK_x, -1, "lockall.sh", spawn},

This is my home brewed shell script that runs xlock on both my stationary, 
laptop and laboration displays. As I have already told on this list i have 
changed 'e' to start gvim and what I havn't told nut am telling now is that in 
my world 'c' is spawning a gnome-terminal (it makes URLs clickable).

Adding screen locking to ratpoison would be great, but how? Screen solves this 
with internal code. Problary not a good idea to copy? Spawning xlock would do 
the trick but that wouldn't do the trick for me. The thing that would be needed 
for this is a configuration file. Are you really allergical to those or is it 
just lack of time implementing one?

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