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[RP] Eclipse, first Lisp window manager

From: Jonathan Walther
Subject: [RP] Eclipse, first Lisp window manager
Date: Tue Nov 13 23:04:02 2001
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Eclipse, an X window manager written in Common Lisp,
specifically the CMUCL dialect.  They even used Debian.
The same version of Debian and the CMUCL packages I am
using.  So why can't I make it work?  ARRGGHHH.

Here is where you can download the tarball plus a couple
patches, and read the documentation:


And here is where you can read some third party instructions for
getting it going:


Shawn, Ryan, can you get this to work?


I am working to subvert from within ...
umm ...  by writing shoddy code ... and
charging too much.

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