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Re: [RP] Eclipse, first Lisp window manager

From: Jonathan Walther
Subject: Re: [RP] Eclipse, first Lisp window manager
Date: Wed Nov 14 11:20:03 2001
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Because, in case you haven't been listening, Ratpoison 2.0 or
something is supposed to be written in Common Lisp.  If Eclipse can
be made to work, we can pillage it for code and save ourselves a lot of


On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 01:15:17PM -0600, Mike Meyer wrote:
> > Yes.  Because unless it runs, its just someone elses masturbatory
> > fantasy.
> Just curious. Other than being written in LISP, how is this radically
> different from something like sawfish? If you can control everything
> from LISP, do you really care what language is underneath it?

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