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Re: [RP] Missing screen command "resize"

From: eichin-ratp
Subject: Re: [RP] Missing screen command "resize"
Date: Thu Nov 15 07:54:02 2001

> indicated a fraction (i.e. - vsplit 3 instead of vsplit .33333), but
> then you can't do the equivalent of vsplit .8.

Not that I'd ever use the feature (I've used split in ratpoison once
or twice but it really doesn't do anything for me...  I might use it
in a mode that got me a fixed narrow "gutter", but haven't been
motivated to actually work it out - I'd only put junk there anyway :-)
but you might consider adding "if / is present, the number is a
rational" on top of that.  That would simplify expressing the
combinations, without adding much logic...

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