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[RP] multiple commands

From: Ben Leslie
Subject: [RP] multiple commands
Date: Tue Nov 20 19:13:01 2001
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Hi all,

I'm currnetly doing the following:

bind e exec ratpoison -c focusleft; ratpoison -c "select emacs"
bind m exec ratpoison -c focusright; ratpoison -c "select mutt"

in my .ratpoisonrc .

This works and all but is kinda silly launching two processes just so
I can issue two commands.

So my question is can I do something like:

bind e focusleft; select emacs

If I can't is this a good thing to have? It would meaning changing the
command function in actions.c to split up commands. (Of course this 
would be non-trivial because you need to account for situations like
my original example where you wants sperators passed to the exec command)



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