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Re: [RP] Patch - line editor

From: Doug Kearns
Subject: Re: [RP] Patch - line editor
Date: Tue Nov 20 18:26:01 2001
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On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 01:31:18PM -0600, Mike Meyer wrote:                  
> Doug Kearns <address@hidden> types:                                           
> > Late last night, I'd just typed one of the first characters in a long
> > colon command incorrectly, for the last time - so I added some simple
> > line editing capabilities to the input window.                           
> >                                                                             
> >                                                                             
> >    

> Where's the "paste" option to past the selection? 1/2-)

It's coming, when it's absence irritates me sufficiently

Sooner, rather than later :-)


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