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[RP] Patch - line editor

From: Doug Kearns
Subject: [RP] Patch - line editor
Date: Mon Nov 19 23:26:03 2001
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Late last night, I'd just typed one of the first characters in a long
colon command incorrectly, for the last time - so I added some simple
line editing capabilities to the input window.

What you get for your trouble is the following key bindings:

C-d               delete_char
C-k               kill_line
C-u               kill_whole_line
C-b               backward_char
C-w               backward_kill_word
C-f               forward_char
C-a               beginning_of_line
C-e               end_of_line
M-b               backward_word
M-f               forward_word
M-d               kill_word
BackSpace         backward_delete_char
Delete            delete_char
Left              backward_char
Right             forward_char
Home              beginning_of_line
End               end_of_line

a new cheap-o cursor, and a visual/audible bell.

This is a 'minimal' implementation. Over time I intend adding 'bind'
support, history, and command completion for my own use.

I'm not sure if there is much support for this sort of thing, though.


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