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Re: [RP] The bad old days, and the delay after hitting C-t...

From: Ryan Yeske
Subject: Re: [RP] The bad old days, and the delay after hitting C-t...
Date: Fri Nov 16 21:17:01 2001
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Mike Meyer <address@hidden> writes:

> In looking for Eclipse in the ports, I noticed evilwm, which shares
> with rp the desire to let users use the keyboard rather than the rat.
> To deal with delay after hitting prefix character, they don't use
> one. Instead, they bind all the commands to C-Alt-<thing> - which
> brings back the bad old days of X10, when the window manager did
> *everything* on C-Alt-<thing>, or some such, and "it took two hands to
> drive the thing". Which was why I used NeWS instead of X10.
> I was wondering if anyone had thoughts - pro or con - on doing things
> that way in RP. I'm not proposing doing so, just wondering if it might
> be worth considering.

What really needs to be done is the ability to bind toplevel keys
arbitrarily (I did promise to implement this at some point).  And that
includes being able to make arbitrary keys be prefix keys.

The last time we really discussed it, we spent a lot of time trying to
figure out what the :bind syntax would look like.  I think we came to
a conclusion, but I forget what it was, and I think that was before
irc was logged.  One day I will implement this, unless someone else
does first.


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