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Re: [RP] The bad old days, and the delay after hitting C-t...

From: Adam Huuva
Subject: Re: [RP] The bad old days, and the delay after hitting C-t...
Date: Fri Nov 30 02:27:02 2001

Ryan Yeske wrote:
> Jonathan Walther <address@hidden> writes:
> > On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 06:55:21PM +1100, Ben Leslie wrote:
> > >Weren't there a bunch of people running it on an ipaq?
> > It was Ryan that was running ratpoison on an iPaq.  And yes, the iPaq
> > does allow at least a few "keystrokes".
> Good to hear that I am a "bunch of people"....:)

Hey, I was (am), too. My mail should be in the archives. 
For this: http://www.easter-eggs.org/article123.html
(in french, but there's some screenshots and you can always
use babelfish if you really want to read the article.)

But, actually, I was very happy with the fact that the wm
couldn't be tinkered (read interacted) with. Only one and only
app launched at startup, nothing else "allowed", which is why
rp served my needs perfectly. Actually all I wanted was
fullscreen mode. 

I am running rp on my desktop machine as well though. Still.
But I'm using the sid 1.0 package, and while I would like an
update (there's some bugs) I haven't been bothered with
compiling source myself.

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