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Re: [RP] The bad old days, and the delay after hitting C-t...

From: Mike Meyer
Subject: Re: [RP] The bad old days, and the delay after hitting C-t...
Date: Wed Nov 21 11:53:02 2001

Ben Leslie <address@hidden> types:
> Ok, my hack on keylaunch now seems to have this working nicely.
> Here is an example my config file. Alt-Enter will start an rxvt,
> Everything after break= uses the normal C-t prefix.
> key=..*Return:rxvt
> break=
> key=...m:rp_select_start.sh mutt right "rxvt -e mutt"
> key=...e:rp_select_start.sh emacs left xemacs
> key=...g:ratpoison -c "colon exec galeon -w http://www.";
> I have cut all the key bind stuff out of ratpoison which is a good
> thing imho. Almost all functionality has been duplicated with
> a decent keylaunchrc file.


> Missing functionality includes bind, unbind and help, since these
> all rely on rp handling the keybindings.

Bind and unbind naturally don't need to be there. Help needs to come
from keylaunch. It would be nice if it could provid it. The best
solution would be for the keylaunch rc to be more readable, so you
could do something like:

C-S-?   xterm -e less ~/.keylauncrc

and it would display something that looks like the current help screen
in a manageable window.


Mike Meyer <address@hidden>                     http://www.mired.org/home/mwm/
Q: How do you make the gods laugh?              A: Tell them your plans.

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