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Re: [RP] Nominating apps to be ignored?

From: Doug Kearns
Subject: Re: [RP] Nominating apps to be ignored?
Date: Mon Apr 1 06:21:10 2002
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On Sun, Mar 31, 2002 at 01:10:37AM +0000, Malcolm Herbert wrote:
> Hi ... long time fan of ratpoison, been using it for a while under
> NetBSD now and had been using it under Solaris (on a three-headed
> SparcStation 20 ... it worked very very well[1])
> Anyway, I was wondering if there were any plans to be able to nominate
> applications that would _not_ be managed by ratpoison (or not
> resized/moved/iconised at least)

You can define a list of unmanaged windows in conf.h.

> under my previous wm (ctwm) I was able to have xdaliclock sitting on
> the top of all my other windows in the bottom right of my screen and
> found it to be extremely useful, even when placed on top of a
> full-screen rxvt window

However, ratpoison has no knowledge of these windows so I don't think
there is an _easy_ way to achieve what you'd like.


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