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Re: [RP] virtual screens

From: Stefan Sandstrom
Subject: Re: [RP] virtual screens
Date: Tue Apr 2 00:05:07 2002
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OK, here's the patch. 

As I mentioned before this adds _basic_ support for virtual screens. The
behavior and implementation details can most certainly be improved.

Apply with 'patch -p2 <patch-file' while standing in the ratpoison-1.1.0
directory. The patch is made against the 1.1.0 release of ratpoison.

The patch adds two commands:

  vscreen N         -- switch to virtual screen N
  vscreen_rel N     -- switch to virtual screen "current+N"

Example from my .ratpoisonrc:

  bind comma  vscreen_rel -1
  bind period vscreen_rel 1

  bind 1     vscreen 0
  bind 2     vscreen 1
  bind 3     vscreen 2
  bind 4     vscreen 3
  bind 5     vscreen 4
  bind 6     vscreen 5
  bind 7     vscreen 6
  bind 8     vscreen 7

The number of available virtual screens is defined by NUM_VSCREENS in conf.h

About how it works: I've implemented the virtual screen support in a
"context switching" way, which make little impact on the rest of ratpoison.
When switching between virtual screens the "context" of the current screen
is saved and the "context" for the new screen is restored. The "context
switching" is done by the set_virtual_screen function in split.c. I don't
know if this is the right way to do it, but it seemed the simplest to me.

Known problems (so far):
 - The 'select' command doesn't switch virtual screen if the window is
   present in a frame on another virtual screen. I think it should.

 - The 'next' command should probably ignore (or consider last) windows
   present in frames on other virtual screens, but it doesn't.

happy hacking,

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