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Re: [RP] Font selection at compile-time

From: Herve Quiroz
Subject: Re: [RP] Font selection at compile-time
Date: Fri Apr 12 01:47:08 2002


> There is a deffont command that allows you to set the font while
> ratpoison is executing and, of course, in your .ratpoisonrc.

I didn't see it. I may be some 1.1 new feature. In fact I run FreeBSD and
I installed it via the ports (which is actually 1.0). Then when I planned
my source modifications I thought it was better to do it for the latest
version, that is 1.1... (without actually tkaing time to look at what was
new in it) For now, I will use deffont. Please forgive me for
reinventing the wheel (I am becoming used to anyway....). But I was
thinking "hacking ratpoison kicks ass !" and I made it ;)



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