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Re: [RP] Spam & Bugs

From: Shawn
Subject: Re: [RP] Spam & Bugs
Date: Wed Dec 11 12:47:05 2002
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Dylan Evans <address@hidden> writes:

> --- Judd Storrs <address@hidden> wrote:
> > I eventually decided that the Solaris hack wasn't
> > needed on FreeBSD
> > and I was going to post my workaround, but
> > coincidentally everyone
> > else started talking about the idea that
> > 
> >    #if !defined(HAVE_SETENV) || !defined(setenv)
> > 
> > should be
> > 
> >    #if !defined(HAVE_SETENV) && !defined(setenv) 
> That looks like the right way to fix it.

Thanks guys for your input on this problem. I believe I have made all
of this a mute point by using putenv everywhere and not setenv. And as
far as I can tell on machines that didn't have setenv, it didn't even
work! It would just printed (null) when I tried to retrieve the var
with 'getenv'. That's fixed too.

So now everything's hunky on my GNU/Linux box and it should work on
Solaris and AIX. As long as FreeBSD has a putenv, then it'll work
there too. Let me know if you guys have any problems.


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