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[RP] Viewing the root window

From: Gord Eagle
Subject: [RP] Viewing the root window
Date: Sat Dec 14 17:49:02 2002

I took some time to set up xplanet to display nicely on my root
window.  Other window managers (ahem, desktop environments) go out of
their way to obscure the root window.

Then, I switched to ratpoison.

rp is really nice.  So, my question is, how do I look at the root
window without first killing all my windows.

Can `remove' be extended to remove a frame even if it's the only one,
treating the situation as if you didn't have any windows in the first

That would be my ideal.

If none of you want to do the work, I may try to hack it up myself.

If none of you even like the idea (i.e. won't accept a patch), then I
guess I can live with running xplanet it in a regular window.  With
the borders around it.  Yuck.


Gord Eagle <address@hidden> /\//\ I'm a FIG (http://fig.org/)
   Committed to diversity \//\/ I use GNU (http://fig.org/gnu/)

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