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[RP] !more patches

From: Trent Buck
Subject: [RP] !more patches
Date: Sat Jul 3 03:04:06 2004

Not another patch, but I've joined mine together.  
See http://ratpoison.elektrubadur.se/TWBPatch

Executive summary summary:

 Frame operations (adding, removing, resizing) can be undone, up to
 $undolevel times.  :undo rolls back the last frame operation.  `:set
 undolevel N' sets the undo level.  :undo is bound to `C-t _' by default.

 :inext, :iprev, :iother, :cnext, :cprev, :cother
 Traverse within or between window `classes'.  A window's class is set
 by the application, it is the second string in the WM_CLASS(STRING)
 property. It can be viewed using xprop(1).

If you piss off enough people, it's hard to tell the difference between
a distributed denial of service attack and public opinion.

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