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Re: [RP] wmi

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: [RP] wmi
Date: Thu Jul 8 04:55:17 2004

   Perhaps a plus over ratpoison is that evil programs like the Gimp can be
   run in conventional multiwindow manually (rat-)managed mode, so that one
   doesn't have to switch WMs for using them.

I still think that GIMP and RP are probably a "match made in heaven"
if only we would think and talk a little more about how to get them
working together.  For example, there were some interesting
suggestions about pseudo-rat-managing windows using the scroll wheel
posted on the list a while ago that were inspired by GIMP.  But I
also think that Trent's patch for traversing by instance might make
the GIMP much more usable with the keyboard.  Framesets also seem
like a great way to enhance usability, not even needing a patch.


   Any thoughts/opinions/experiences? I think it's generally a good
   thing to have more "anti-desktop" window managers around,
   especially when each of them is quite good . Since the ratpoison
   homepage links to Ion, it perhaps could also link to wmi?!

For now, you can edit http://ratpoison.elektrubadur.se/Window_Manglers


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