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[RP] wmi

From: Florian Cramer
Subject: [RP] wmi
Date: Thu Jul 8 04:37:17 2004

Just hit upon this:


"is a new lightweight window manager for X11, which attempts to combine
the best features of LarsWM, Ion, evilwm and ratpoison into
one window manager".

I am currently playing with it, and indeed it strikes me as an
interesting mix of fvwm/ion/ratpoison that can act like every one of
them depending on the mode one sets for a window or frame, and depending
on custom keybindings and external scripts using "wmiremote".  It could
be configured to look and behave just like ratpoison (which is what I am
currently trying to do). The automatic expansion of commands in the
command mode is a bit annoying, I prefer to press tab keys like in
ratpoison. wmi also doesn't use a prefix map (like Ctrl-t) by default,
thus sucking up keybindings, but it can be configured to use one.
Perhaps a plus over ratpoison is that evil programs like the Gimp can be
run in conventional multiwindow manually (rat-)managed mode, so that one
doesn't have to switch WMs for using them.

Any thoughts/opinions/experiences? I think it's generally a good thing
to have more "anti-desktop" window managers around, especially when each
of them is quite good . Since the ratpoison homepage links to Ion, it
perhaps could also link to wmi?!


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